CTP Sinto America

Sinto America and Chemisch Thermische Prozesstechnik GmbH (CTP) of Graz, Austria, formed the joint venture creating CTP Sinto America LLC. to grow the air pollution control business in the North American market.

CTP is one of the world’s leading companies in industrial air pollution control. CTP’s technology has proven itself in hundreds of applications for the removal of volatile organic compounds (VOC), hazardous and toxic air pollutants, nitrogen oxides, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide or carbon monoxide. CTP’s systems are customized and optmized in cleaning efficiency and in cost effectiveness.

What we do

CTP can offer you emissions close to zero at a minimized total cost of ownership. We provide integrated solutions from the emission source to the stack for the reduction of contaminants such as volatile organic compounds (VOC), NH3 and NOx.


For more information on CTP’s services and capabilities, visit www.ctp-us.com or contact Dana Humfleet, General Manager at (740) 602-1159 or dana.humfleet@ctp-us.com.