Oxgrit & Oxblast

Frohn Oxgrit and Oxblast are engineered blasting abrasive products designed to outperform existing abrasives.


  • Derived from Duramax crude products
  • Non-ferrous products that are higher density than natural glass, aluminum oxide and garnet products
  • Heavier than all other common abrasives with the exception of steel abrasives
  • Longer life than any other abrasive with the exception of cast steel abrasives, grit & shot
  • Magnetic and can be used with magnetic reclamation equipment commonly used in industry
  • Fast cleaning & cutting products, ~30% higher production rate versus garnet media
  • Low-dusting and generate less dust than other abrasives in the industry. The long life and low consumption are interrelated to this characteristic.


  • 20-40, 3+ MIL. R Max PROFILE
  • 40-70, 2+ MIL. R Max PROFILE
  • 70 & FINER, 1+ MIL. R Max PROFILE


  • 25 & 50 lb. bags on 2,000 lb. pallet
  • 2,000 & 3,000 lb. supersack on pallet
  • Other packaging options available upon request

Physical Properties

Bulk Density (compacted)
2200 kg / m³
Bulk Density (loose)2000 kg/m³
Specific Gravity3.4
Hardness (Mohs)7

Chemical Properties

Silicon Oxide (SiO₂)249.9
Aluminum Oxide (Al₂O₃)6.31.8
Iron Oxide (Fe₂O₃)55.235.1
Calcium Oxide (CaO)1.639.9

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