SandMold Systems

SandMold Systems, Inc. located in Newaygo, Michigan, provides the industry with intelligently engineered plants and systems for the many facets of the foundry and other industries. SandMold not only designs sand systems, they are a full service supplier of complete foundry projects. As a design, build and install engineering and manufacturing company, they handle many projects on a turnkey basis including the design of the building, foundations, utilities, site development, project management and commissioning.

Originally founded in 1972 to engineer and manufacture complete foundry systems, we have diversified and evolved into an internationally recognized Equipment Manufacturer and full-service Systems Engineering Company. In 1998, SandMold Systems, Inc. was acquired by Roberts Sinto Corporation. Roberts Sinto Corporation is a subsidiary of Sintokogio Ltd, a major manufacturer of foundry equipment worldwide. Sintokogio has 36 companies through the world specializing in the manufacture and sale of foundry equipment and is a recognized leader in all phases of the foundry industry. Today, SandMold Systems, Inc. is comprised of an integrated network of closely knit divisions that effectively meets your needs and objectives in the production of quality products at a profit margin which assures continued success.