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The C1000 FLEXMATIC, an authentic industrial ceramic 3D printing machine

In our range of 3D printers dedicated to ceramics, the C1000 FLEXMATIC is designed to meet the industrial challenges of large-scale production.
Designed to integrate the Smart Ceramic Factory, it has all the assets to print ceramic parts in a semi-automatic line.

A platform that meets the needs for versatility:
– large parts and series of parts
– 320*320*200 mm;
– A removable tank that allows the in-line processing of printed parts.
– User-friendly, no engineering skills required to start a printing run.
– Automation of the recycling process : uncured material and automatic cleaning step.


Approx. Dimensions1150 x 1850 x 1950 mm (LxPxH)
Build Platform Size320 x 320 x 200 mm
Electrical Requirements220-240 VAC / 50Hz
Electric Power2 Kw
Light SourceUV Laser
Laser Spot Diameter~ 60 μm
UV Wavelength405 nm
Layer Thickness0.025 – 0.125 mm
Optimal Room Temperature20-25°C
Maximum Room Temperature1°C/hour
Relative Humidity50%
Compressed Air6 Bars Dry
Hybrid OptionAvailable
Approx. Weight1250 kg

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