CYAP-CA Servo Cylinder

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Sinto America is excited to announce the newest addition to their product line: the “CYAP-CA Series”, the smallest, lightest Servo Cylinders in the industry. The CYAP-CA Servo Cylinder is a compact cylinder using Sinto’s uniquely developed load detector function.


  • Standard stroke length of 200 mm (Optional 100mm, 300mm, 400mm)
  • Welding force: Pressure range from 10kN to 200 kN
  • Simple installation into customer’s equipment due to compact size and lighter weight.
  • Original load detection system is used to reduce the overall servo cylinder length
  • Ethernet IP or device net communication
  • High-performance load and position control using SCUB servo controller
  • Easy operation can be set with a simple program using commands dedicated to the press-fitting process
  • Optional touch panel with graphs that can be displayed using the waveform display function
  • Optional data recording function: press-fit position and load data can be recorded on a personal computer or memory card, ensuring quality traceability


➡ Press fitting for automotive parts

➡ Characteristic inspection devices for rubber materials

➡ LCD panel transport

➡ Magnetic powder forming

➡ high-rise building vibration control

➡ Compression tests for batteries

➡ Semiconductor tensile/compression tests

➡ Fatigue test for automotive parts

➡ Aircraft simulators


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➡ Maximum welding force: Maximum welding force in one instant (less than 1 sec) when the cylinder is being pressed

➡ Continuous welding force: Welding force that can be continuously maintained when the cylinder is being pressed

➡ Maximum speed: Maximum speed at the maximum rotation frequency possible by the cylinder

➡ Rated speed: Cylinder speed at the rated rotation rate of the servo motor

➡  Accuracy:

    • Repeatable positioning accuracy: + – 0.01 mm (as extended)
    • Loading accuracy + – 1% FS (relative to full scale)

➡ Equipment:

    • Standard:Cylinder body (with built-in load cell), Servo driver with standard 5m long cables, Servo controller (model SCUB)
    • Options: Teaching box, press fitting data, management software, robot cable, memory card, communication PCB

Be aware that shapes and specifications are subject to change without notice in order to improve the devices. Please contact us during the planning phases of your project. The above dimensions are for standard specifications models. (Total length may change with modification of the maximum stroke.)



<img class=”aligncenter wp-image-9941 size-full” src=”” alt=”” width=”910″ height=”520″ />

155 mm490 mm
65 mm
194 mm
515 mm
80 mm
230 mm527 mm90 mm
260 mm
590 mm
135 mm
CYAP-100D/DU353 mm730 mm135 mm
450 mm
910 mm
215 mm

<em>*Specs may change without notice. Contact us before planning purchase. Standard dimensions shown. (B dimensions may vary with stroke change.) Please contact our sales division if you have any questions.</em>

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