BB Tumble Blast

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6BB and 3BB Tumble Blast Machine


  • Variable speed blast wheel, revolves at 3,600 RPM, for maximum abrasive velocity
  • Housing is lined with cast abrasion resistant lines that are replaceable
  • Low profile cabinet, formed from 3/8″ steel plate to maintain structural integrity
  • Pneumatically operated reinforced rubber door opens and closes easily and provides full accss to blast chamber
  • Rubber belt for gentle tumbling action
  • Simple, robust and proven design
  • Shot reclaim elevator and WE3 Air Wash allows for reduced spare parts and maintenance
  • Anti-static system integration
  • 3 phase operation
  • Continuous molded rubber belt
  • Low noise level
  • Safety interlocks
  • Reversing mill
  • HMI control with variable process cycle programming
  • Lip separator


3BB 6BB Tumbleblast Drawing

Size3 cu. Ft.6 cu Ft.
Width (A)52"61"
Depth (B)56"66"
Height (C)8' 0"12' 8"
Workload Capacity (lbs)400 lbs800 lbs
Workload Dimensions31" x 24" Dia37" x 27.5" Dia
Required Ventilation (CFM)600 CFM800 CFM
Shipping Weight2,500 lbs4,000 lbs
Abrasive Initial Filling400 lbs500 lbs
Noise Level (Approx.)80 DB80 DB
Blast WheelSinto D-10 (5, 7.5 or 10 HP @ 3,600 RPM)Sinto Y-30 (15 or 20 HP @ 3,600 RPM)


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