Studies & Testimonials


Shannon Wetzel, Managing Editor American Foundry Society October 6, 2022

Thirty-five lost days of iron pouring in 2018 due to power supply issues—that was the final straw for Farrar Corp. (Norwich, Kansas), which had been struggling with a power supply and furnace that hadn’t been working well together for years.… Read more >

Advancing Blasting Processes through Cutting Edge Technologies

March 18, 2022 Grand Ledge, MI

Introduction­­- Roberts Sinto Corporation, a Sinto America Group Company, is known throughout the manufacturing industry for being the leader in development of new technologies in not only metal casting industry but also in the peening and blast-cleaning industries as well.… Read more >

Farrar Invests in Upgrades

February 22, 2022

AFS Corporate Member Farrar Corporation will be installing a new molding line this spring to increase capacity and improve efficiency at its ductile iron sand casting operation in Norwich, Kansas.

The new molding line is the FBO-IIIS 20 x 24 from Sinto America and will provide the foundry a faster mold cycle, deeper draw, and reduced maintenance costs.… Read more >

Maclean Power Systems Surpasses One Million Molds

After less than two years of having newly installed automated molding equipment, Maclean Power System was able to surpass one million molds in October of 2021. Maclean Power Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier for utility, civil and telecommunication products and has many locations around the US.… Read more >

Redefining Automatic Molding Machinery

Jan. 2022, Andy Schelke

The first flaskless automatic molding machine to reach production speeds of 200 molds per hour, is addressing foundries’ high-capacity, labor and downtime challenges. 

Today’s metal-casters face all-time-high capacity demands and existing technologies are not up to the challenge.… Read more >

H&H Leading The Way in Foundry Automation


H&H Castings’  company reputation for quality began in 1965, when the Haugh family opened a full service aluminum foundry in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. Founded on the principal that quality builds loyal business, H&H initially focused operations on small run jobs with an emphasis on technicality.… Read more >