Studies & Testimonials

Redefining Automatic Molding Machinery

Jan. 2022, Andy Schelke

The first flaskless automatic molding machine to reach production speeds of 200 molds per hour, is addressing foundries’ high-capacity, labor and downtime challenges. 

Today’s metal-casters face all-time-high capacity demands and existing technologies are not up to the challenge.… Read more >

H&H Leading The Way in Foundry Automation


H&H Castings’  company reputation for quality began in 1965, when the Haugh family opened a full service aluminum foundry in Wrightsville, Pennsylvania. Founded on the principal that quality builds loyal business, H&H initially focused operations on small run jobs with an emphasis on technicality.… Read more >

Using Cut-wire Shot in your Foundry Cleaning Application

How can a consumable product that is 2.4 times more costly save me money? The short answer is the microstructure is superior. Due to this defect-free microstructure, the consumption rate is lower and the transmitted impact energy is higher.  This results in shorter cycle times and less abrasive consumption.… Read more >

Century Foundry Utilizes Automation for Future Success

Century Foundry, a third generation, family owned, aluminum-casting supplier has been excelling in metal casting since 1976. Located in Muskegon Heights, Michigan, they offer a single-source responsibility for aluminum casting, machining, heat treat, painting and other selective out-sourcing options to provide small, medium and large sized castings serving over 100 customers of many markets across North America.… Read more >

Collect Residual Stress Data with Sightia in only 10 seconds

Grand Ledge, MI April 27, 2021

Sinto America, a global turnkey industrial solutions provider, launched Sightia™, a new surface evaluation technology that provides real time, non-destructive quality assurance checks for pre and post blasting or peening processes. Sightia™ is a class of technology encompassing a group of non-destructive testing equipment and services suitable for harsh industrial environment developed by Sinto America to evaluate surface properties of parts undergoing surface treatment processes delivering accurate and repeatable results.… Read more >