Studies & Testimonials

Eliminating Greensand Variation at the Molding Location

A common problem in the foundry industry is proper greensand preparation.   Even when the sand is prepared correctly, how is the recipe accuracy determined? How are the results recorded for repeatability purposes? How are changes implemented at the muller?  Many foundries monitor their sand by how the molding is performing.… Read more >

FUNDIDORA DE TLAXCALA SA Purchases First Flaskless Molding Machine

Sinto is excited to announce that Fundidora de Tlaxcala S.A., located in Tlaxcala Tlax, has purchased their first FDNX-1 flaskless molding machine. Founded in 1991, FUNDITLAX is a multifaceted company with market opportunities in the markets of water pumps, agriculture, gardening and others.… Read more >

Bonasa Expands Capabilities with Sinto’s FDNX-1 and Sand Delivery Conveyor

De Las Americas 4001, América Sur, 72340 Puebla, Pue. November 13, 2020

Sinto is excited to add GRUPO INDUSTRIAL BONASA, located in the state of Puebla in southeast Mexico, to the list of their foundry partners. With over sixty-eight years in the industry, BONASA has developed into a competitive, innovative company in Mexico and throughout the world, offering it’s customers high quality products, with commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.… Read more >

Seneca Foundry Sees Benefits of Barinder Grinder

In 2019, Seneca Foundry, located in Webster City, Iowa, purchased a X7i-FDH22R-455GR-C Barinder, an innovative, high speed, automated grinder that dramatically reduces finishing time and labor costs. Seneca Foundy was established by the McCullough family over 110 years ago and is mainly a gray and ductile iron job shop.… Read more >

Plastonium Purchases Spinner Hanger for Plastic Application

Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México, CDMX October 13, 2020

Sinto is excited to announce that Plastonium, located in Azcapotzalco, Ciudad de México, has purchased their first DZB-2MT Blast machine. Plastonium was established in 1997 and has expanded to multiple plants since. Plastonium has more than twenty years of experience in the molding of thermosetting parts for leading companies in the market for electrical distribution and industrial control products.… Read more >

Sinto America Completes Another Turn-key, Foundry Engineering & Consulting Project

Grand Ledge, MI June 22, 2020

Sinto America is excited to announce they have successfully completed designing a turn-key, foundry engineering and consulting project on the east coast for a heavy equipment manufacturer. This is the latest of thousands of successful engineering, design and complete turn-key solutions Sinto America has been providing to foundries for over fifty years.… Read more >

Ferroloy Purchases Third FDNX-1 Molding Machine and Sand Feeder

Grand Ledge, MI – June 18, 2020

Summary:  Ferroloy, an iron foundry located in Wichita, Kansas, recently purchased their third Sinto FNDX-1 Flaskless Molding Machine.

About Ferroloy:  Ferroloy began operations in 1950 and have since grown to be one of the leading foundries in Kansas, manufacturing ductile iron castings and gray iron castings for agricultural machinery, industrial equipment, hydraulic valves & cylinders, construction equipment and industrial valves.… Read more >