Peening Equipment

Sinto and Sinto America are full service surface treatment, shot peening & blasting companies. We provide a full range of shot peening equipment for gear manufacturing using both wheel blast and air blast configurations. We offer gear peening equipment for either manual or automated loaded and unloading, single or multi-station operations. Gear peening up to 200mm in diameter and up to 300mm tooth width for spline peening applications.

What do you get from shot peening gears with Sinto America peening equipment;

  • Combat gear fatigue failure
  • Increase gear life
  • Allows higher stress levels
  • Enables lighter design
  • Closes porosity
  • Permits use of harder steels by reducing brittleness
  • Prevents galling and fretting

Sinto offers two different types of gear peening machines: Airless wheel blast peening and pneumatic peening.

airless wheel blast peening

pneumatic peening machines

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