Buffering Conveyor / Accumulating Pallet Conveyor

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  • Pallet design allows for continuous running chain with asynchronous pallet motion
  • Conveyor’s Load End run independently from the Unload End
  • The over/under design allows for varying load and unload cycle times
  • Flexible design allows pallets stop locations to be set at any place along the conveyor
  • Conveyors can convey wide range of part types, sizes, and weight
  • Accumulate parts hanging from a part hanger, overhead configuration or parts placed in a parts nest in a tabletop configuration
  • Accommodates both manual and robotic loading and unloading
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Fully automatic

Overhead Conveyor with Parts Hanging from a Part Hanger

Parts Nest on Tabletop Conveyor

Configuration Examples

OVERHEAD ACCUMULATOR with basket guarding & maintenance platforms



Conveyor Length*Range from 10 to 100 feet (or longer)
Conveyor Width*Range from 18 to 80 inches wide
Part WeightUp to 250 Lbs. per pallet grouping
SpeedUp to 40 FPM
Load Heightfrom 30 inches to 22 feet
Features Pallets and tooling repeatable at each stop location

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