Sand Reclamation Systems

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RSR Series Sand Reclamation system is designed to generate the optimum reclamation level for used sand. This system is so efficient, clay bonded sands reclaimed in the RSR can be used for chemically bonded cores.

Sand Reclamation System Features:

  • After reclamation, sand surface area is rounded, requiring less chemical binder to achieve equal or greater tensile strengths when re-used
  • Ceramic lined chamber and ceramic rollers remove the maximum amount of residual binder with minimal wear and easy maintenance
  • Two step cleaning system used to achieve the maximum amount of binder removal
  • Usable sand is always available and new sand purchases are reduced to an absolute minimum
  • Sand reclaimers can be supplied as part of a complete systems including shake-out, lump reducing, metal separation, sand storage, reclaimed sand pneumatic transporting, dust collection and water cooling tower



Model CapacityMotor HPStage Dimensions
Height Width Length
RSR-2000-5 3-5 tons per hour 30 hp
40 hp
50 hp
(3600 mm)
(1900 mm)

(2500 mm)
(4800 mm)

RSR-2000-105-10 tons per hour 75 hp
100 hp
(5600 mm)
(2300 mm)
(3100 mm)
(7500 mm)

Case Studies and Testimonials

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Scania– Greensand Foundry

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