Vertical Indexing Conveyors

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  • Design offers narrow foot print saving valuable floor place
  • Accurate positioning for automated unloading
  • Unique design allows for handling long parts for operator ease of use and flexibility
  • Modular, common drive and take-ups
  • Pallet pitch between 14″-42″ or greater
  • Design allows for re-circulation of parts not unloaded
  • Parts may be loaded and unloaded anywhere on the conveyor
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Fully automatic

Configuration Examples

VERTICAL INDEXER with vertical pallets

VERTICAL INDEXER with slanted pallets


Part Info*Up to 24" wide to 80" long
Part WeightUp to 50 lbs per pallet
Conveyor Length*10 to 30 ft
Speed16.5 ft/minute
Features1 mm accuracy for robotic loading and unloading

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