Engine Block Cleaning


  • Three blast stations with a total of 32 nozzles and one air blow-off station
  • Powered work doors open and close in sequence with the indexing of the lift and carry rails.
  • Media is reclaimed from the cabinet via a pneumatic conveying system. Dust collector features a high powered blower to draw the media and dust from cabinet
  • Dust and fines are removed by a cyclone separator. The reusable media goes through a vibratory screener to closely classify the media to appropriate size
  • Automatic shot adder to replace broken down shot removed by the screener. System includes low media level warning
  • Dual pressure pot configuration allows uninterrupted blasting during pot recharging periods
  • Two sets of pressure pots, each with 16 media drops to feed 16 pressure blats nozzles
  • Tungsten carbide blast nozzles for high wear resistance

Sinto’s engine block cleaning system’s cabinet is specially designed to clean the interior water and oil passages of engine blocks using steel shot. It is a fully automatic system that requires only that the block is properly positioned at the loading station. The engine block is conveyed through the machine via a lift and carry system. Blast nozzles in the cabinte move into close proximity of the block to blast target areas. The cabinet is made from ½” steel plate and lined with Lina-Tex rubber for high wear resistance and improved noise abatement.


Throughput30 blocks/ hour (varies by application)
Max Part Size38" L x 16" W x 16" D
Main Cabinet Dimensions168" L x 72" W x 84" H
Overall Machine Height340.39"
Required Compressed Air Supply1200 CFM @ 6 bar.
Blast Nozzles5/16" ID, qty. 32
Max Blast Pressure5 bar.
Max Abrasive Flow Rate: 28 lb/min per nozzle
Dust Collector Required2750 CFM @ 18" wg. / 2200 CFM@ 23" wg. with 15HP fan.