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Sinto Smart Foundry® (SSF), a truly scalable solution, can grow with you on your data analytics journey. It offers a toolbox of products and services that can help achieve improvements in these four major areas: Maintenance, Quality, Production and Planning. From capturing simple cycle counts to tracking every movement in your plant, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs, team, and budget.

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enVision Process Visibility System (ePVS)

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Remote Monitoring Center (RMC)

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Remote Monitoring Sensors (RMS)

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Sinto Operation Monitor (OpM)

Envision Powered by Beet Analytics Technology

Over 12 Awarded & Pending Patents covering the GUI, Data Collection, Processing and Analytics

With decades of experience in the automation systems industry, Beet Analytics Technology creates products and solutions that help companies be more proactive, more accountable and more efficient than ever before. Our guiding principle has always been to simplify the complicated. With the launch of our flagship product, Envision, we’re doing exactly that for a wide variety of complex factory lines and processes.

Beet Analytics Technology is located in Detroit, MI, Automotive Capital of the World and home to some of the most developed automation systems in existence. Our team of automation professionals, technical experts, developers and seasoned executives has helped some of the most renowned manufacturing organizations reach unprecedented levels of system performance and process optimization.

Sinto Smart Foundry® Product and Service Toolbox

Dotson Iron Castings

“Rolling out the ePVS system at Dotson started as a “nice to have”, not sure what exact benefits we would see.  The first mechanical issue that was highlighted by the system has turned it into a must have.  We have been able to address concerns well before they create compounding issues in the remainder of the system.  It doesn’t replace our maintenance team, but it makes them much more efficient.” -Eric Nelson, Vice President, Dotson Iron Castings

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Sinto Smart Foundry Purdue

Sinto Smart Foundry® Integration Coming to Purdue University

Sinto America and Purdue University have finalized plans for integrating a Smart Foundry for Purdue’s “Smart Manufacturing” curriculum. The Smart Foundry classroom consisting of a fully functioning, production capable, greensand foundry will be located on the ground level of the new “Gateway” building in the heart Purdue’s campus in West Lafayette, IN.
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Sinto America and Dotson Enter Industry 4.0 World

Sinto America continues to pave the road for smart foundries by integrating Industry 4.0 Analytics in manufacturing plants throughout North America. Dotson Iron Castings has fully embraced this digital revolution.
Sinto Offers New Services: Industry 4.0 Solutions and IIoT Analytics

Sinto Offers New Services: Industry 4.0 Solutions and IIoT Analytics

Sinto America continues on its path to integrate Industry 4.0 Analytics in manufacturing through another plant located in the Mid-West
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Sinto America CastExpo 2019 Wrap-Up

Sinto America exhibited at the AFS CastExpo & MetalCasting Congress, April 27-30th, at the Georgia World Congress Center. Sinto featured their latest product developments in Foundry Engineering, Automation, Analytics and Blast.

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