Sinto Offers New Services: Industry 4.0 Solutions and IIoT Analytics

Grand Ledge, MI November 20, 2019-

Sinto America continues on its path to integrate Industry 4.0 Analytics in manufacturing through another plant located in the Mid-West. Learn more about Sinto analytics here:

“We are excited to revolutionize manufacturing through Industry 4.0 solutions and IIoT Analytics. Having a smart plant accelerates performance through digitization which allows for easy interpretation of operational data and gives you the necessary insight to take immediate action to keep downtime minimal.” – Jim Wenson, Project Manager for Sinto Analytics.

Sinto’s analytics allows you to identify failures and downtimes in advance and improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Industry 4.0 Solution Features:

  • Total Process Visibility at a Level No One Else Can Provide
  • Digitize and Visualize Every Device, Motion, and Event in Real-Time
  • Simple, Visual and Immediate Feedback
  • No Additional Hardware Required
  • Single Dashboard for All Existing and New Equipment

Sinto has long strived to be the technological leader in the design and manufacture for all metal casting applications. From standard to custom, simple or complex, or a single piece of equipment to a full system, that’s the Sinto difference. Your one stop solution.