Statesville, NC

National Peening in Statesville, NC is the “hub” of the family of National Peening locations and is the initial plant established over 35 years ago that started the growth of the National Peening business.

Statesville offers a variety of surface enhancement solutions, with a focus on aviation, defense, armaments, automotive, professional racing, and gas turbine components related to the aerospace, power generation and industrial markets.  New technology allows National Peening in Statesville to offer a wide range of capabilities in processing tiny, delicate, industrial components to massive assemblies suited for our 14’ x 14’ x 16’ standard cabinets.  We offer custom solutions for larger parts which range from in-house to global on-site services.  As such, we are capable of handling large components with machine based and plant wide hoisting and rigging equipment to safely and delicately position and transport your sensitive product through the manufacturing process.

Statesville is one of our most diverse facilities.  Hence, we offer a wide variety of automated, CNC, computerized, shot peening machines capable of processing internal and external diameters.  Also, Statesville has an assortment of automatic air and wheel shot peening machines for tumble blasting / cleaning capabilities.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Computer controlled peening
  • Automated peening
  • Dual peening
  • Micro blasting & peening
  • Peen forming & straightening
  • Porosity sealing
  • Work hardening
  • Deburring / Deflashing
  • Derusting / Descaling
  • Abrasive blast cleaning
  • Cosmetic surface enhancement
  • Die life enhancement
  • NDT surface evaluation
  • On-site peening services
  • Washing / Cleaning
  • Rust prevention
  • Large component 10-ton handling and process equipment.



Statesville also offers walk-in blasting and cleaning capabilities for large components and assemblies that are not easily processed using more traditional small cabinets and machines for cleaning and cosmetic restoration.

Statesville is also unique as we have our Sightia X-Ray Diffraction “XRD” lab located in the facility to nondestructively measure residual stress and hardness on shot peened surfaces.  You can learn more about this Sinto exclusive capability on our website at the following link (  Sightia offers a direct level of inspection and quality verification to the shot-peened part when compared to standard Almen intensity verification of your shot peening and heat treatment processes.

Our technicians, engineers, and managers are experienced in solving your most difficult challenges and can provide guidance to you and your team with regard to your surface enhancement needs.  We offer a wide variety of media from glass beads, ceramics, and various metallic media for decontamination, micro/nano peening, cleaning, texturing, blasting, and other special processes. We stock sufficient quantities of steel shot and cut-wire sizes in both standard and high hardness varieties to ensure the shot peening process is effective and meets your most stringent requirements.

Our Statesville facility is ITAR registered with Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) and holds FAA Drug and Alcohol Testing Program registration with numerous customer approvals. Equally important, our Statesville facility is NADCAP Accredited for Quality System AC7004 and AC7117 Shot Peening, Peen Forming, and Glass Bead Peening.

Our Statesville plant is strategically located in the Piedmont region of North Carolina to serve a wide variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, forging / casting, agricultural equipment and other related industries. Also, Statesville is centrally located within a 4 hour radius (by car/truck) of most other National Peening locations, allowing for flexibility within the National Peening network of companies to support your urgent surface enhancement needs.


1902 Weinig Street Statesville, NC 28677


Contact: Michael Adams

Tel: (704) 872-0113 EMAIL

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