Foundry After Sales/Service

As a global leader in foundry manufacturing, Sinto provides the necessary services for immediate customer support to ensure your equipment is running at its best condition and optimum efficiency with minimal downtime.



We provide worldwide support to ensure quick and easy part replacement and availability. With our in-house spare parts stock and stocks world-wide, we ensure your parts and consumables are accessible to minimize downtime. We are able to provide fast turn-around on parts orders, with off the shelf items shipping in 48 hours with next day delivery available in emergencies if in stock.


Our trained and experienced Field Service Technicians provide on-site and remote services to diagnose and maintain your Sinto equipment to reduce unscheduled downtime to a minimum.

Services Include:

  • Installation supervision and start up
  • On-site troubleshooting and repair
  • Foundry evaluation and inspections
  • Service contracts: 2 visits/year required and contract pricing
  • 24/7 service phone support- CALL 800-748-0384
  • Remote diagnostic analysis
  • Training
  • Foundry analytics
  • Remote monitoring sensors


Sinto provides in-depth training at our facility or on-site, making sure your operators and maintenance staff is provided with the knowledge and capability to operate, maintain and troubleshoot your Sinto equipment. Through our customized training courses, your operators will be able to understand, maintain and optimize your Sinto machine to help increase the lifetime, up-time and overall foundry operation.

On-site FBO, FDNX and BARINDER® Training and Testing Center:

  • Operator & Maintenance Training
  • On-site or at our facility
  • Combined scheduled service and training visits
  • Production optimization
  • Increase the lifetime, up time and foundry operation

On-site Surface Treatment Test Center

  • Variety of drum, spinner hangers and tumble blasts for part testing
  • Service and maintenance training
  • Part surface evaluation testing

BARINDER® Automatic Grinding Systems and Fixture Training

  • Day 1: Introduction
    • Machine familiarity
    • Safety notes
    • Startup, shut down, e-stop
    • Operation modes and screen displays
    • Hands-on operation of machine
    • Troubleshooting common alarms
  • Day 2 AM: Programming
    • Creating a prgraom
    • Types of program G codes- G00, G01, G04, Circle ARC
    • Types of program M codes- M3, M4, M16, M17, M25, M26, M30, M32, M33, M52, M53, M54, M55
    • Three basic ways to program- MPG wheel, JOG buttons, manually
    • Programming your machine and proper grinding techniques
    • Recommended feed rates and speed limits
    • Grinding heavy flashing and in-gates and preventing and removing burrs
    • Programming square corners and parting line blending
  • Day 2 PM: Fixture Design
    • Hands-on programming
    • Ease of fixture change out- changes can be performed within 3-5 minutes, great for jobbing foundires
    • Fixture design parameters including work envelope, maximum weight and instruction
    • Fixture design suggestions
    • Pallet bases and hold down adapter
    • Sample fixtures
  • Day 3: Maintenance and Program Editing
    • Editing a program
    • Types of inspection and maintenance that should be done daily, weekly and yearly
    • Alarm number and category
    • Troubleshooting cause and solution
  • Optional Day 4: Self-Guided Barinder Program Training with Support
    • Trainees program the Barinder on their own with Sinto coaching as needed


Send us your castings and test directly on a Sinto machine for a hands-on experience showing the benefits of using Sinto technology to help optimize your foundry.

Sinto’s on-site Surface Treatment Test Center:

  • Large and small drum blast machines
  • Spinner hangers
  • Table blast
  • Tumble blast