Automation Robotic Systems

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Sinto can provide a turnkey package for certain applications by offering fully custom and integrated automation robotic systems, machine loading & unloading utilizing robotics. We have the ability to program and integrate a multitude of robot manufacturers. We work closely with your engineers to design the right end of arm tooling the first time. Whether your requirements are loading to a part fixture or populating a spinner hanger, we can accommodate your needs.


  • Complete design, build, install per customer and foundry requirements
  • Complete 3D design and robotic simulation
  • Experienced in aluminum robotic pour and extraction
  • Foundry Material Handling & Automation
  • Robotic vision system cells to automatically load and unload Barinder auto grinders
  • Robotic grinding and finishing cells
  • Surface Treatment Automation and Conveyors

Automation Robotic Systems

Sinto also offers Automatic BARINDER® Loading and Unloading. Click here to learn more.

Check out Sinto America’s Vision Based Robotic BARINDER® Load/Unload System! The BARINDER® is the industry leading automatic grinding machine.  It is easy to learn, program and operate for the removal of gates, burrs, and parting line fins on aluminum, brass, steel, gray and ductile iron castings. Sinto has taken this a step further by incorporating robotic vision systems that enhances production and lowers operator fatigue and injury  by automating the loading and unloading of the BARINDER® .



Vision Based Robotic BARINDER® Load/Unload System:

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Case Studies and Testimonials

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