Our History

Sinto America, Inc. traces its history to the start of Roberts Corporation in 1964. Roberts Corporation initial products and services consisted of engineered equipment for foundries, conveyors, automation equipment and highway sign structures. In 1987, Sintokogio, Ltd. of Nagoya, Japan, a world-leading foundry equipment manufacturer, formed a joint venture with Roberts Corp. creating Roberts Sinto Corporation, which eventually became wholly owned by Sintokogio in 1990. Sinto America, Inc. was created in 1991 to help build the North American Market starting by purchasing SandMold Systems, Inc., an Equipment and Complete Foundry Systems Manufacturer in Newaygo, Michigan in 1998. The purchase of SandMold Systems brought together two well-known names in the foundry industry. The joining of Roberts Sinto and SandMold not only expanded existing capabilities beyond equipment to foundry systems and processes, but also increased the workforce by approximately 50%.

In 2004, Sinto America expanded into a new market division under Roberts Sinto Corporation called “Sinto Surface Treatment” to introduce Sinto’s blast equipment into the North American market. The Sinto Surface Treatment Test Center opened in 2008 at Roberts Sinto’s manufacturing facility in Grand Ledge, Michigan and allows the company to test parts in Sinto’s blast machine’s and find the right application for the customer.

Sinto America established Roberts Sinto de Mexico in 2006. The office opened in July 27, 2007 in Monterrey, Neuvo Leon, Mexico. Roberts Sinto de Mexico was established to serve Sinto customers in the Mexican territory and to help develop new customers in the growing market. They help provide equipment in both the foundry and surface treatment industry as well as parts and service.

Sinto America has been continuing to grow in the market and acquired National Peening to become part of the Sinto Surface Treatment division and further developing into the Peening business. National Peening officially became part of Sinto America on December 23, 2011 and currently have 5 locations including Statesville, NC (Headquarters), Wilmington, NC, Greenville, SC, Salem, VA, and Bedford Heights, OH. Sinto America also acquired Technical Metal Finishing, Inc. (TMF) in 2014 located in Wallingford, CT, a contract manufacturer that specializes in shot peening, high technical surface finishing, and thermal spray coatings for the aerospace and medical industries, to help expand our services in the surface finishing and technologies industry.

Corporate History Milestones

1964Founding of Roberts Corporation
1973Purchased by Cross & Trecker
1985Shalco Systems and Sys-T-Mation purchased under Roberts Corporation
198750/50 joint venture with Sintokogio; created Roberts Sinto Corporation
1990Sintokogio became 100% shareholder of Roberts Sinto Corporation
1991Sinto America, Inc. was established
1998SandMold Systems, Inc. was acquired
2004Sinto Surface Treatment Division was created
2006Roberts Sinto de Mexico opened in Monterrey, Mexico
2011National Peening was acquired
2014Technical Metal Finishing, Inc. was acquired
2019Frohn North America was acquired and became part of Sinto America, Inc.
20193DCeram Sinto Inc. started operations in the USA
2022Sinto enters partnership with KB Foundry Services.
2023Sinto enters partnership with Pulstec USA