Shot Blasting Machines Overview

Sinto's surface treatment technologies gives surfaces new functional characteristics and added value, breathing new life into your products. Sinto Surface Treatment is well positioned to provide the optimum solution to your finishing challenges. Sinto offers a comprehensiveness line of shot blasting machines and surface treatment systems to fit any application. Sinto has numerous surface treatment processes available that can make your production goals a reality. There is a process for every treatment purpose, quantity or condition, such as shot blasting, mass finishing and precision brushing.  Sinto is your one-stop solution.

  • Shot Blasting- Blades are rotated at high speeds by a motor. The resulting centrifugal force propels the blasting media. This method is capable of treating large surfaces efficiently, making it most suitable for treating large products or large product batches.
  • Air Blasting- The blasting media is propelled through a nozzle using the force of compressed air. This method is most suitable for treating small surfaces.
  • Mass Finishing- Untreated work pieces are put into a tank along with finishing media. Finishing is performed by applying physical forces which cause the media and work pieces to rub against each other. This method is most suitable for batch treatment of small and medium-sized products.
  • Brushing- Edge-finishing is performed by rotating brushes at high speeds and rubbing their hair tips against the product to be treated. It is most suitable for individual treatment of small and medium sized products.


Sinto Surface Treatment, a division of Roberts Sinto Corporation, provides world-class, machine tool quality surface finishing systems and shot blasting machines. Roberts Sinto Corporation is a part of Sinto America, Inc., the North American group holding company, of Sintokogio, Ltd., Japan. The Sinto group of companies has an international reputation for excellence in the foundry, manufacturing and development and surface treatment industry. Sinto Surface Treatment also provides contract blasting and precision shot peening services through our National Peening and Technical Metal Finishing divisions.
What is Shot Blasting? Shotblasting is a technological process of removing various impurities from different surfaces by using abrasive. Shot blasting is used to polish, clean, strengthen (peen) or metal. Shot blasting is used in various industries including aerospace, automotive, forging, construction, foundry, rail, shipbuilding and others.

Product Description

BB Tumble Blast

6BB Tumble Blast Machine 

CNDR Drum Blast

Large, oscillating drum

CNDX Drum Blast

Small, oscillating drum blast machine

DD-3 Drum Blast

3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries. 

DZB Dual-Chamber Satellite

Aluminum hanger

Engine Block Cleaning

Block Cleaning System

KSB Spinner Hanger

Monorail, loop or Y-track hanger

SHBX Spinner Hanger

Small, spinner hanger

Sightia Surface Evaluation

SMXI Wire Rod

Wire Rod machine fitted with a shot quantity adjustment system that optimizes the shot quantity according to the steel or scale type

SNC Wire Rod

wire Rod machine that is furnished with ideal arrangement of impellers for efficient shot blasting treatment as well as with ingenious roller system

SNTX Table Blast

Small, table blast machine

SST Automation

SUA Rocker Barrel

Rocker Barrel (Shaker blast) with continuous blasting to minimize downtime

WE-3 Air Wash Separator System

WMB Wire Mesh Belt

Wire mesh belt

Y-30 Direct Drive Blast Wheel