KSB Spinner Hanger

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Sinto’s KSB comes in various sizes, providing a work envelope of 47″x 59″ to 98″ x 118″ (dia. X H). The KSB can easily handle heavy work pieces and can be configured with a reciprocating type (standard) or a pass-through type monorail system. The KSB monorail uses Sinto’s Y-30 direct-drive blast wheel.


  • Heavy duty design
  • Easily handles heavy work pieces, products up to 5 ton can be quickly processed
  • Available material handling options: closed, open loop or reciprocal
  • Can be fitted with up to 5 blast wheels
  • No part-on-part contact
  • Power trolley with electric chain hoist
  • Bottom shaker conveyor eliminates the need for a pit
  • Optional cast liner package
  • Optional traversing hook
  • Optional automatic part manipulation and robotic tending

KSB Spinner Hanger

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Machine DescriptionKSB-10KSB-25KSB-25AKSB-50
Cleaning Capacity: Max Work Size (Dia. X H) 47" x 59"
(1,194mm x 1,499mm)
59" x 78"
(1499mm x 1981mm)
78" x 98"
(1981mm x 2489mm)
98" x 118"
(2489mm x 2997mm)
Cleaning Capacity: Max Hanger Load1 ton
2.5 ton
2.5 ton
5 ton
Blast Wheel: ModelY-30Y-30Y-30Y-30
Blast Wheel: Qty x HP2 x 153 x 154 x 155 x 15


KSB Spinner Hanger:

Open Loop Track:

Y Track:

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