Bentonite Recovery System

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System is designed to recover 90% of the clay and carbon in otherwise discarded  foundry bag house fines, and deliver them back into a foundry sand system, reducing the requirement for dry bond by as much as 40%.


  • Bentonite Recovery System
  • Over 90% recovery rate, process up to 1 ton of dust / hour
  • Reduce bond additions by up to 40%
  • Fully hydrated and activated clay develops desired green sand properties faster, reducing cycle times
  • Reduced variability of green sand properties in sand system
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Fully automated system
  • Integrated machine design
  • Reduced mull times allows for increased mold production
  • Chemical free
  • Shortened mulling times result in lower energy costs and reducing wear and tear on mulling equipment
  • Recycling of green sand baghouse dust drastically reduces dependency on landfills and reduces disposal costs
  • Reduces labor and costs tied to handling and bagging materials for disposal


BRS layout April 2023

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