Salem, VA

National Peening in Salem, VA offers a variety of surface enhancement capabilities, with a focus on components related to the transportation, energy, mining, rescue, and other industrial markets.  National Peening in Salem has unique capabilities in the National Peening network with their pyrolysis furnaces and high pressure wash bays that are used to organically clean painted components and assemblies in an environmentally safe manner.

The burn off pyrolysis capabilities allow National Peening in Salem to quickly and efficiently remove accumulated paint from assemblies in an OEM paint line without damage, e.g., hooks, racks, jigs, tools, skids, dollies, and fixtures.  Our industrial burn off service provides eco-conscious companies a sustainable option to reduce plant CO2 emissions by reusing, recycling, and remanufacturing.  We process the smallest of jobs which range from firearms, automobile restorations, electric motor repair, heat exchanger and utility vehicle remanufacturing.  Our Eco-factory is equipped to remove varnish, epoxy paints, coatings, oils, and other surface contaminants that can prevent new coating adhesion, surface clearance and other surface preparation and application challenges.  We also offer these same capabilities for cleaning recyclable materials in order to prepare them for re-melting and other uses to support green efforts in our communities and region.

Specific Capabilities:

  • Automatic peening
  • Work hardening
  • Dry film coating
  • Deburring / Deflashing
  • Derusting / Descaling
  • Abrasive blast cleaning
  • Cosmetic surface enhancement
  • Fixture / tool repair
  • Fixture cleaning / burn off capabilities
  • Production paint stripping
  • High pressure washing & cleaning
  • Rust prevention

The plant is designed to process both smaller critical components and assemblies and large components serving the most critical peening requirements with our automatic air and wheel shot peening machines.  Our compressed air, shot peening machines are capable of shot peening internal as well as external diameters.

Salem also offers walk-in blasting and cleaning capabilities for large components and assemblies that are not easily processed using more traditional small cabinets and machines for cleaning and cosmetic restoration.  We have significant lifting capacity throughout the plant to protect our Team and your parts with safety in mind.

Our technicians, engineers, and managers are experienced in solving your most difficult challenges and can provide guidance to you and your team with regard to your surface enhancement needs.  We also work with a wide variety of steel shot and steel peening ball sizes to ensure the shot peening process is effective and meets your most stringent requirements.

Our Salem plant is strategically located in the Mid-Atlantic region to serve a wide variety of industries, including automotive, forging / casting, mining, energy, defense, agricultural equipment and other related industries.


2167 Salem Industrial Drive Salem, VA 24153


Contact: Tel: (540) 387-3522 EMAIL