Drum Blast Machines

Sinto's offers a small and large drum machine in their shot blasting product lineup. The drum blast machines are capable of cleaning a broader range of castings. Also by virtue of their design, require significantly lower maintenance than conventional tumble-type blast machines that result in significant savings. Sinto offers the drum blast in multiple sizes and allows for faster, safer and cleaner finishing.

Product Description Capacity Wheel Size Loading Weight

CNDR Drum Blast

Large, oscillating drum 14-35 ft³ /load 40-75 hp 1750-7500 lb/load

CNDX Drum Blast

Small, oscillating drum blast machine 3 ft³ /load 10 hp 331 lb/load

DD-3 Drum Blast

3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries.  5 HP direct drive D-10 blast wheel