Drum Blast – CNDR shot blasting machine

Drum blast machines by Sinto Surface Treatment allow for faster, safer and cleaner finishing.  The CNDR features smooth load/unload capabilities, highly efficient finishing due to drum oscillation during the blast cycle, and a zero pinch design, eliminating jams that occur in a conventional mill. The CNDR ranges from 14 ft3 to 35 ft3 with a load capacity range from 330 lb. to 7500 lb. The drum blast machines use Sinto’s Y-30 direct-drive wheel. In the foundry industry, the drum shot blasting machine has a 99.75% removal of contaminate on first pass and can remove 8% of sand contaminates by weight.

Sinto America’s Drum Blasting designs are engineered specifically for parts that have previously been hard to clean by blasting in the traditional style of tumble blast machine designs.The CNDR models are capable of cleaning a broader range of castings, and by virtue of their design, require significantly lower maintenance than conventional tumble-type blast machines that result in significant savings.


  • Consistent and highly efficient finishing
  • Drum oscillates while processing, reducing cycle time over conventional drum styles
  • Zero pinch design eliminates part jams
  • No leak design reduces maintenance and minimizes downtime
  • Smooth, reliable loading with the hydraulic loader, minimizes damage and breakage to the part
  • Faster blasting cycle due to improved direct drive wheel
  • High efficiency reverse flow air wash technology
  • 100% manganese process drum with an increased working life
  • 99.75% removal of contaminate on first pass
  • Removes 8% of sand contaminates by weight
  • Options include: Heavy Duty (HD) version, dust collector/ducting, conveyor, auto shot adder, maintenance platform/ladder and more

CNDR Drum Blast Machine

Sinto also offers a smaller drum blast machine, the CNDX.


Machine Description
Max. Charge Wt.
1750 lb./load
(794 kg/load)
2650 lb./load
(1202 kg/load)
7500 lb./load
(3402 kg/load)
HD Version- Max Charge Wt.
3,000 lb./load
1361 kg./load

3,500 lb./load
1587.5 kg./load
Max. Charge Vol. (cu.ft/load)
Max. Part Dimension
16 in. (406 mm)

22 in. (559 mm)
26 in. (660 mm)
Max Part Weight
80 lbs (36 kg)

90 lbs (41 kg)
150 lbs (68 kg)
HD version- Max Part Weight
120 lbs (54 kg)

130 lbs (59 kg)
Width ( A )
13'6" (4,115mm)

15'9" (4,801mm)
25'4" (7,671mm)
Depth ( B )
20'4" (6,198mm)
21'4" (6,502mm)
29'9" (9,068mm)
HD Version- Depth ( B )
20'4" (6,198mm) (CNDR-14HD)*

24'8" (7,518mm) (CNDR-22HD)*
Height ( C )
17'7" (5,359mm)

19'5" (5,918mm)
25'10" (7,874mm)
Work Discharge Height ( D )
2'10" (864mm)
3'2" (965mm)
4'2" (1,270mm)
Number of Wheels
Wheel Size (hp)
Max. Part Temp at Inlet (F)
150° F (65.5° C)
150° F (65.5° C)
150° F (65.5° C)
Loading Method


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