Robotic Peening Machine

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Sinto America’s robotic peening machine is based on a 6-axis robot, manipulating a pressure-blast shot peening system. The machine includes a 24” diameter rotary indexing table which can be controlled as a 7th axis of robotic motion.  This system minimizes floor space utilization and designed for ease of maintenance and calibration functions, utilizing Sinto’s years of shot peening experience. This new compact machine design enables inexpensive transportation as well as fast installation and start up at the customer’s facility.


  • Off-line programming using solid modeling similar to CAD/CAM systems
    • 3D simulation with chamber, table , nozzles, and parts to test run parts for verification of the following:
      • Nozzle tool path for coverage mapping
      • Nozzle to Part Impingement Angle
      • Nozzle to Part Stand-Off distance
      • Potential interference between part and machine
      • Off line programming with the part drawing will prevent the potential for interference between the part and machine
      • Clearance for tooling & chamber
      • Successful Program execution with ancillary devices such as air blow-off or automatic door/unload features
  • Superior Flexibility using Sinto’s quick-change media system
      • Pressure vessel drain system
        • Pressure Vessel Drain Valves
        • Removable storage containers
      • Quick-change classification system
        • Easy access to screen decks
        • Quickly change screen to match media size
      • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with Human Machine Interface (HMI) system
        • Multiple media recipes for Magna-Valve calibration
        • Media monitoring with automatic filling chamber to eliminate over-filling and low shot alarms during cycle.
        • Warning message with indicator of low media levels due to obstruction or failed component (media delivery > media recovery) to prevent in-process faults
  • Rotary air lock for media recovery.
  • Ergonomic part load/unloading via notched chamber and door.
  • Multi-sized media delivery bulkhead for efficient routing of all media delivery hoses entering the processing chamber.
    • Chamber wall is fitted with manifold for a range of all common hose diameters
    • Ensure hoses are neatly & safety routed inside and outside of the chamber for easy maintenance.
    • Improved ease of maintenance due to ergonomic design
  • Optional Stress Measurement and Part inspection available using Sightia Integration


Customer Industry
Operation to be performedRobotic Shot Peening Parts
Size (Largest)48” D and 48” H
Size (Smallest)Not specified
Surface to be cleanedExternal and or Internal
Shot sizeCCW14 TO CCW35, S110
Material Handling (In)Hand loaded or by overhead crane
Material Handling (Out)Hand loaded or by overhead crane
Dust CollectorTorit DFE 3-6
Robot weight capacity40 lbs
Inside cabinet size85” height, 65-1/2” depth, 98-1/2” width
Overall footprint18’-3” height of reclaim system, 10’ depth, 11’ width
Turntable weight capacity (max)1000 lbs.
Electrical enclosureNEMA 12
Control Panel10" color touchscreen

*The parts to be peened come to the peening process in varying conditions; therefore different cycle times may be required to achieve an acceptable finish.  Roberts Sinto Corporation cannot control the condition of the entering parts, so an exact peened time cannot be guaranteed.

*Parts must be dry and free of cutting fluid, oil, and grease.  Surface finish will vary with peened media.  A test is recommended to demonstrate the expected finish on the required work pieces.

Machine is designed to be modular in nature. Specifications will be gladly provided along request.


ABB IRB2600 20kg 1.65m Reach – Standard Design 

ABB IRB2600 20kg 1.65m Reach – Standard Design


Fanuc LR Mate 200iD/7L 7kg, 9.11m Reach – Optional Design

molding machine rebuild used equipment for sale



ABB IRB1200 5kg, .9m Reach – Optional Design

ABB IRB1200 5kg, .9m Reach – Optional Design

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  • Inner walls lined with ¼” Neoprene rubber to prevent abrasive wear.
  • Turntable indexed with a cylinder that allows for ergonomic loading and unloading of parts.
  • Complete programmable robot and turntable synchronization.
  • Parallel dual pressure pot peening system for dual media storage.
  • Continuous uninterrupted peening with dual upper and lower pressure pot system.
  • Vacuum media reclaim system.
  • Improved features for ease of maintenance and servicing.
  • Front loading door with rear maintenance access door with viewing windows.
  • Easily loaded and unload either manually or by an overhead crane
  • Precise and easy programming
  • Uninterrupted medial flow
  • Environmentally safe
  • Four LED spot light fixtures in the cabinet that are blast proof and can be used to illuminate the desired areas of the machine
  • The rotary turntable is indexed with a cylinder that extends and retracts, allows two positions: load/unload position and working position.
  • Structural stability due to machine framework fabricated from hot-rolled steel tubing and welded directly to the peening cabinet weldment
  • Optional offline part path programming.