Torit DFE 3-6 Dust Collector

The dust collector is designed as an integral part of the machine, and consists of a high powered blower, deceleration/settling chamber, and filters.  The blower draws the refuse from the cabinet and media separator into the settling chamber.  Some of the dust and fines fall out of the air stream and settle to the floor of the dust collector, the remaining dust is filtered by the high-efficiency, auto-cleaning filters.


Dust Collector Specifications – Model DFE 3-6

Filter Elements

  • 6 filter elements 254 ft^2, total filter area, Ultra-Web, Flame Retardant, 99.9% efficiency at 0.3 micron particle size


Blower & Motor

  • Chicago blower design 38 size 1829 cast aluminum pressure blower, 15 hp, 230-460v, 60 cycle, 3 phase; 3000 ACFM @16” static pressure


Sound level

  • The dust collector will be sound attenuated to a level below 80 dba


 Dust Disposal

  • The dust will collect in a hopper beneath the collector. Sliding gate valves will allow the dust to fall into a 55 gallon barrel with an airtight lid