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Single station shot peening machine. Designed for flat gears, sizes up to 200mm in diameter and 35mm tooth width.


  • Media Capacity: 40kg/box (100lbs/box)
  • Projection Nozzle: Ø10mm X 2 nozzles
  • Work Envelope: 200mm Dia x 35mm tooth width
  • Product Rotation Device: Single table
  • Abrasive Classification: Circular vibration screening.
  • Quality Control: Sinto ECNI eddie current surface evaluation post processing. Optional, ECNI pre-porcessing, PSMX-II residual stress measurement pre-&-post processing.


Shot Box40kg/box X 2 boxes (100lbs/box) max working pressure 0.5MPa (72PSI)
Projection NozzleTwo 10mm nozzles with MagnaValve control.
Blast CabinetBase 620mm, Length 355mm, Height 840mm. Internally lined with hard steel.
Media SeparatorRound vibration sieve system.
Product Rotation DeviceGear drive system, 46.7RPM
Dust CollectorCartridge filter, air flow 17m3/min, velocity pressure 2.94kPa. With fire protection (precoat feeder), temperature sensor.
Control PanelPLC controlled with touchscreen operator interface.
Accessories- Air Dryer~24m3/min refrigeration air dryer

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