Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

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Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a process by which a transducer introduces an ultrasonic pulse to a substrate.  The ”pulse-echo” effect of Ultrasonic waves can be measured and  defects internal to the material will show up with an amplitude on a receiver for the return of the pulse through the material.  UT inspection can be used to find defects internal to a wrought, cast or forged material that other “surface sensitive” technologies will not be able to detect.

Sinto Surface Technologies can partner with local approved sources at our locations to provide this service.  UT testing can be performed on a wide range of materials that are homogeneous and lack significant porosity or internal defects.  UT inspection is widely used in the Automotive, Transportation, Aerospace and Power Generation industries, for both raw material inspection and manufactured components.  As UT typically is an adjunct other surface modification processes, this can allow us to bundle capabilities to provide one-stop-shop services.


  • Aerospace approved UT inspection services
  • Convenient local processing of components
  • Allows for “One Purchase Order” Approach to surface processing needs

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