Blast Cleaning

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Blast cleaning is a process utilizing an abrasive stream of media propelled against a surface at a high velocity to remove rust, scale, coatings, or other unwanted material. This is typically accomplished using pressurized air or centrifugal wheel systems to propel the abrasive media. Media of various sizes, abrasive qualities, and material composition can be utilized depending the substrate or material being processed, the contaminant being removed, and the desired surface after processing. The media as well as the process parameters of the system used to propel the media are critical to obtain the desired result.  This same process is sometimes referred to as sandblasting, abrasive blasting, or media blasting.


  • Sinto Surface Technologies utilizes both pressurized air and centrifugal wheel systems for blast cleaning applications.
  • Our technologies include automated systems, blast rooms, and manual hand cabinets for processing your components.
  • Capable of easily processing parts as large as 30’L x 10’H x 10’W
  • Larger components evaluated and quoted on a case by case basis

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