Mold Handling Systems

Sinto custom designs, engineers, manufactures and installs high quality and robust mold handling systems built to withstand the demands of your Foundry needs.

Our systems are completely custom based on your specifications and production needs, and can be fit into your existing layout and equipment.

Sinto’s fully automatic mold handling system provides solutions for the highest casting quality and increased productivity.

Mold Handling Systems


  • Custom engineered to handle any mold size, pouring, cooling, shakeout, or other layout needs
  • Easily integrated with new or existing molding machines and/or systems
  • Improves mold and casting quality while increasing productivity
  • Proprietary crackback feature helps stabilize and eliminate car wear while transferring
  • Proportional hydraulic valves used to ensure smooth transfer and eliminate mold shifts
  • Fully automatic mold handling system with weight & jacket setting
  • Customized mold car configurations that are available in a single, double or 4 molds per car.
  • Proprietary crackback that helps stabilize and minimize car wear while transferring between pouring and cooling lines.
  • Proportional hydraulic valves used to ensure smooth transfer in order to eliminate mold shifts and metal splashing.
  • Easy integration with new or existing molding machines and/or systems from many different manufacturers.
  • Color maintenance diagnosis screens interlocked to the mold machine for easy trouble shooting.
  • Easily integrated with Sinto’s Industry 4.0 Analytics for total process visibility.
  • Auxiliary mold cooling belt lines.
  • Quality components and accessible design provides for easy future maintenance and long term reliability.

Configuration Examples


  • – Jacket and weight cleaner
  • – Early and multiple mold push-off
  • – Side skirts
  • – Graphite liners
  • – Custom weights
  • – Mold elevator
  • – Horizontal and incline end transfer configurations


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