Sinto Completes Turn-Key FBO-IIIS & Mold Handling System for Maclean Power

April 13, 2020

Grand Ledge, MI April 13, 2020

In February 2020, Sinto America completed the installation of its FBO-IIIS Molding Machine, Mold Handling System and Sinto IIoT Analytics in Maclean Power System’s Alabaster, Alabama plant.  Maclean Power Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier for electric, utility, civil/construction and communication products and has many locations around the US. Learn more about Maclean here.

maclean plant

Maclean Power Systems Mold Handling System

Maclean’s FBO-IIIS Molding Machine has a 20” x 24” x 8”/8” mold size, aeration technology and a core setter option. A custom Mold Handling System is paired with the FBO-IIIS. Together, the pair can produce molds at a rate of 150 per hour. Sinto IIoT Analytics is fully integrated into this system, allowing Maclean to instantly visualize any issues the system maybe having. This reduces downtime and maintenance costs, while keeping production moving.

Cycle Time Analytics for Maclean Power

“The opportunity to modernize our foundry with the latest in molding, pouring, mold handling and analytics has been very exciting.  While it has been challenging, we have found that leaping forward with industry leading technology and equipment partners, such as Sinto, has made a world of difference from not only a planning and installation standpoint, but from an operational perspective as well. Top notch equipment coupled with complete visibility through Sinto’s Smart Foundry Analytics has been a huge advancement and we are now ready to lead the metal casting industry into the future. Furthermore, we have found that these improvements greatly improve our casting finish, quality, on-time delivery and domestic manufacturing capabilities in order to better meet the ever increasing needs of our customers in the Utility and Power markets.”  – Duane Pinkston, General Manager – Alabama

Horizontal End Transfer Station

Horizontal End Transfer Station

Flask Cleaner

Flask Cleaner

push off and end transfer station

Push Off and End Transfer Station

Latest Generation FBO-IIIS Molding Machine Features:

  • Sinto’s patented Aeration Technology for improve pattern filling and density
  • Automatic core setting
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Visual count-down molding cycle visualization
  • Complete monitoring with Sinto IIoT Analytics

Latest Generation Mold Handling System Features:

    • Elevated molding and pouring heights to allow for automatic sand collection and easy clean-up
    • Advanced sand containment and mitigation features
    • High speed transfers
    • Mold tracking and early push-off options
    • Coordinated operation with third-party automatic dosing system
    • Complete monitoring with Sinto IIoT Analytics

Sinto Manufacturing and Maclean Power Production Video: 

The Sinto America team is thankful to MacLean Power Systems for their confidence in Sinto and looks forward to many more years of furthering the partnership.

Maclean Partnership Sinto

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