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BEET Core 5.0 to Transform Manufacturing with Generative AI and Enhanced User Experience

“Imagine having the ability to stop time at any given second to examine 10,000 snapshots of your operations to resolve bottlenecks and extend throughput beyond what your line was built for”

— BEET Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder David Wang.

Beet, the Michigan-based global industrial IoT platform specializing in intelligent manufacturing, is set to unveil BEET Core 5.0 featuring groundbreaking GenAI tools.… Read more >

Why Electric Actuators Are Environmentally Sustainable


Electric actuators are becoming increasingly popular in various industries due to their efficiency and environmental benefits. Read on to learn all the reasons why electric actuators are environmentally sustainable.

Energy Efficiency

Electric actuators are highly energy-efficient compared to their pneumatic and hydraulic counterparts.… Read more >

How Robotics Solves Common Manufacturing Problems

The advent of robotics in the manufacturing sector has revolutionized how we think about production. By introducing automation and precision, robotics addresses several longstanding challenges that have plagued the industry. Integrating robotics into manufacturing processes opens new avenues for innovation and productivity from enhancing efficiency to ensuring safety.… Read more >