Monthly Archives: February 2021

Sinto America and Dotson Enter Industry 4.0 World

Grand Ledge, MI February 18, 2021

Sinto America continues to pave the road for smart foundries by integrating Industry 4.0 Analytics in manufacturing plants throughout North America. Dotson Iron Castings has fully embraced this digital revolution.

In early 2019, Dotson Iron Castings, actively began using Sinto’s ePVS system on three of their equipment lines: molding machines, transfer stations and turn tables.… Read more >

Choosing Between Fluid Power or Electrical Actuation Within A Mold Handling System.

Grand Ledge, MI February 1, 2021


As the foundry industry strives to improve quality, reliability and maintainability along with reducing their carbon footprint, many companies are starting to explore replacing fluid power (hydraulic, pneumatic or a combination of both) driven systems with electrical actuation (servo-cylinder, electric rack-and-pinion drives.)… Read more >