FBMX Flaskless Molding Machine

The FBMX Flaskless Molding Machine is the newest molding machine in this series.


  • High Speed, with mold rate up to 144 molds/hour without core set time
  • Top & bottom Aeration Sand Filling technology suited best for deep-pocket patterns to eliminate shadowing
  • Squeeze Pressure Balance Control to ensure stable molding and prevent pattern distortion
  • Mold height feedback control reduces the sand consumption and compensates for compacting variations
  • Easy operation with touch screen panel

The newest molding machine to our Flaskless Molding Machines product lineup.

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Mold Size Width x Length
24" x 28"
(600 mm x 700 mm
Height Cope
8" - 10"
(200 mm - 250 mm)
Drag 8" - 10"
(200 mm - 250 mm)
Average Maximum Molding Rate 144 molds/hour
(25 seconds/mold)
Molding System Top & Bottom Aeration Sand Filling



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