Sinto and Purdue University Partner on Smart Foundry

February 22, 2024

Sinto America was proud to partner with Purdue University to design and engineer their brand new Smart Foundry, as well as, provide brand new foundry equipment and the latest in Industry 4.0 with SINTO SMART FOUNDRY®.

The new Smart Foundry in Lambertus Hall at Purdue University’s Polytechnic Institute had its grand opening in November 2023. The design of the Smart Foundry laboratory classroom was a collaboration of the Purdue facility and staff, the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) along with Sinto’s Foundry Design and Engineering department. Sinto’s team designed and engineered the entire foundry. The Smart Foundry includes an all new sand system, melt and pouring area, manual mold station, and at it’s heart, an FDNX flaskless molding machine with ePVS, a tool of SINTO SMART FOUNDRY®.

ePVS is powered by Beet Analytics Technology, located in Detroit, Michigan, home to some of the most developed automation systems in existence. With decades of experience in the automation systems industry, Beet Analytics Technology creates products and solutions that help companies be more proactive, more accountable and more efficient than ever before. Beet’s team of automation professionals, technical experts, developers and seasoned executives has helped some of the most renowned manufacturing organizations reach unprecedented levels of system performance and process optimization.

Pat Patton, Sinto’s project manager, oversaw the entire build operation, including project management for the foundry equipment, installation and commissioning.

When asked about working on the Purdue Smart Foundry Project, Pat Patton commented, “The Purdue Gateway Complex provides students and industry with a unique mix of hands-on instructional laboratories, design studios and collaborative space.  It has been a pleasure to work with the Purdue faculty and staff as they bring their vision for a new curriculum to fruition.”

This project launched almost three years ago with Sinto’s participation and support of the Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF). The FEF is the metalcasting industry’s education program at the college level. It includes four-year technology schools as well as traditional engineering colleges and graduate schools. It spans the broad range of higher education from production supervision to specialized research.

One reason Purdue partnered with Sinto on this Smart Foundry, was that Sinto’s engineering team had the ability to integrate all of the equipment needed. From foundry equipment and manufacturing to project management and installation/commission, Sinto is a total foundry solutions provider.

When asked about the partnership, Andy Schelke, VP Foundry Sinto America commented, “Sinto is honored in partnering with Purdue University in developing this revolutionary educational process. The Smart Foundry will provide graduates with the opportunity to experience the advanced technology that is used in many foundries today. I’m excited to see the impact the Purdue University graduates will make on the industry.”

This Smart Foundry is a great addition for many different people part of this engineering program. Incoming freshman, who are learning the different manufacturing processes, will use this Smart Foundry for their materials sciences classes. Also, graduate students and professors will use this lab for research projects.

Within the new engineering curriculum, Purdue plans to produce and create a product. The idea is to link the different areas of study, i.e. foundry, machining, injection molding, assembly, etc., as if the college were a business producing a product. The idea is to expose students to a more real world environment and to provide students the practical application of a real foundry setting.

Jim Wenson, Sinto Smart Foundry Product Manager, will be working alongside Purdue to help manage and monitor ePVS. This includes ongoing reports, meetings and alerts. The goal is to create better foundry processes. Sinto will support Purdue with engaging with students on data collection and analysis, as well as working together on projects on moving the industry foundry.

Sinto Smart Foundry (SSF), a truly scalable solution, can grow with you on your data analytics journey. It offers a toolbox of products and services that can help achieve improvements in these four major areas: Maintenance, Quality, Production and Planning. From capturing simple cycle counts to tracking every movement in your plant, we can tailor a solution that fits your needs, team, and budget.

Wenson commented, “Being trusted by Purdue University to design, engineer, and build their foundry of the future is an immense honor. However, the partnership doesn’t stop there. We look forward to collaborating with Purdue in its mission to create the next generation of metalcasters and technology.”

Industry 4.0 and data analytics is moving the metalcasting and foundry industry to the future. Sinto is looking forward to the data, knowledge and talent that comes from Purdue’s Smart Foundry. Along with Purdue, Sinto is working with Western Michigan, Tennessee Tech and University of Northern Iowa on implementing smart foundry processes. Sinto is proud to partner with these universities and is excited for the next generation of foundry engineers to have exposure to industry 4.0 in the foundry setting.

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