Peen Conditioning

Shot peening is a cold working process used to produce a compressive residual stress layer and modify the mechanical properties of a component. It entails impacting a surface with shot, applying sufficient force to create plastic deformation. Each piece of shot hits the part like a ball-peen hammer and makes a small dimple. The surface grains of the material bend in tension, while below the surface, the compressed grains of the material try to regain their shape, creating an area highly stressed in compression. Overlapping dimples create a uniform layer of residual stresses in compression on the surface of the material.

Peen conditioning is an Automatic Peening process typically performed on components such as airfoils after thermal coating. Among other benefits this surface modification process has shown to improve the effects of isothermal oxidation of the applied thermal coating.


  • Sinto Surface Technologies is approved for Automatic shot peening at multiple locations in our network
  • Sinto Surface Technologies is providing Automatic shot peen conditioning for key OEM’s
  • We utilize the latest technologies to provide shot peening processes that meet the most stringent customer specifications