production sinto smart foundryHow can Sinto Smart Foundry® help [production] in your Foundry?

  • Can you accurately track OEE?
  • Do you lack visibility into shift offload?
  • Do you struggle to hit mold per hour goals?

Data and information are valuable, and we have more data than ever before. Companies are able to differentiate themselves by the people, tools and execution utilizing that data. Visualize and optimize your system by digitizing every device, motion, and event on your machines and systems to generate clear actionable solutions.

Sinto Smart Foundry® products and services are helping foundries average 10-15% in efficiency gains.

1. Sinto Analytics – ePVS Product

  • OEE Targets / Reports
  • Cycle Time Optimization
  • Operator Efficiency
  • Shift Targets

2. Remote Monitoring Center Service

  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Training
  • Machine uptime

3. Sinto Operation Monitor – OpM Product

  • High-Level Dashboards
  • Uptime Tracking
  • Legacy Equipment

Learn how Sinto Smart Foundry® can help Quality, Production and Planning.

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