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cut wire shot and blasting and peening abrasives

High performance specialty shot peening and shot blasting cut-wire shot and blasting abrasive

Sinto America offers a wide assortment of Frohn cut-wire shot and consumables to meet your specific requirements. These range from mass finishing medias and compounds to blasting and peening abrasives including steel, stainless and zinc cut wire. We will provide you with the precise solution to your surface treatment needs.

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Cut-Wire Media:

Cast Stainless Steel Shot and Grit Media:

Plastic Media:



These consumables include a wide variety of shapes, hardness, durability and sizes to enhance any application or surface. Our safety shot and cut wire minimize the propensity for potential fire or explosions and maintain a safe environment for your employees.shot blasting and peening abrasives shot blasting and peening abrasives; cast stainless shot blasting and peening abrasives; gritinox shot blasting and peening abrasives shot blasting and peening abrasives

Our dual peening shot and micro shot provide a deeper residual stress while maintaining a smoother surface condition. We also provide a ceramic powder media in place of traditional abrasive.

Let Sinto analyze your process and recommend a media, abrasive or shot product for your most difficult applications.

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