High Energy Mass Finishing

High-energy mass finishing describes any form of abrasive media-based parts finishing that uses more than the force of gravity and vibration to deburr, radius, smooth, burnish, descale or otherwise prepare parts.  High energy processes use centrifugal force and other mechanical leverage to increase the aggressiveness of the finishing process, versus standard vibratory processes, reducing time and increasing the rate of removal of unwanted surface materials on a variety of wrought, cast and forged components.  High energy mass finishing has been used for decades to support casting and forging industries, medical implant manufacturing and net-shape component cleaning and burnishing.  Sinto Surface Technologies has the ability to process parts on a jobbing basis using these techniques and Sinto America has the ability to manufacture the machines used to apply this technology in your factory.


  • Robust process that can develop clean and ready-to-process surfaces efficiently and affordably.
  • Sinto Surface Technologies specializes in this capability at our Wallingford Plant and can provide these services through our network of facilities in the Northeast, Midwest and Southeast.
  • Allows for “One Purchase Order” approach to surface processing needs, as high energy mass finishing typically precedes other surface modification processes and techniques.