Vestal Manufacturing Investment in an FBO-3B Flaskless Molding Machine Increases Efficiency

June 18, 2024

In June 2024, Sinto America installed a FBO-3B Flaskless molding machine at Vestal Manufacturing Vestal Manufacturing, located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, has been a cornerstone of quality USA-made gray iron castings for over 65 years.

Vestal’s new installation marks a significant upgrade in their production capabilities, ensuring they continue to grow in the metalcasting sector, with the newest foundry technology.

The FBO-3B machine is designed for high-speed operations, increasing the overall efficiency and production of the molding process, while helping with the work shortage the industry is seeing.

The FBO-3B consists of notable enhancements over previous models, particularly with the taller mold height from cope and taller mold height to drag, compared to the “S” style machines. The FBO-3B can reach a production capacity of up to 120 molds per hour, without the need for core setting, which significantly boosts operational efficiency. Capable of creating 20”x26” molds, the FBO-3B can produce molds ranging from 8”over 8” to 10” over 10” in size. This versatility allows Vestal Manufacturing to meet a wider array of customer need with greater precision and efficiency.

Vestal Image

Since installation this month, Vestal has already seen an increase in their molds/hour and cycle time. Rich Nibarger, Vestal Plan Manager, stated, “I’m impressed with the quality of the molds produced and how the machine operates. The Sinto team built an awesome machine.”

The advanced technology this machine offers not only increases production speed but also maintains the high quality standards that Vestal Manufacturing is known for. The new machine underscores Vestal’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence in provider top-tier gray iron casting to its customers.