Planning sinto smart foundryHow can Sinto Smart Foundry® help [planning] in your Foundry?

  • Are you looking to add or remove a shift?
  • What are you ractual cycle times?
  • Can you run more efficiently?

Sinto Smart Foundry® increases throughput, reveals hidden capacities and extends your maintenance team with the help of Sinto’s remote monitoring center. Our experts can monitor and analyze the data for your team, easing their workload and helping you realize the benefits of Industry 4.0. No more stop watches. No more time clocks. No more guessing.

Sinto Smart Foundry® products and services are helping foundries optimize plan strategy upon deployment.

1. Sinto Analytics – ePVS Product

  • Scheduling
  • Production Monitors
  • Management Reporting

1. Sinto Operation Monitor – OpM Product

  • Production Monitor
  • Spare Parts List
  • Manuals

Learn how Sinto Smart Foundry® can help Quality, Production and Planning.

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