Quality sinto smart foundryHow can Sinto Smart Foundry® help [maintenance] in your Foundry?

  • Do you have too much unplanned downtime?
  • Are your replacement part costs out of control?
  • Is it hard to train new maintenance techs?

Trending data helps the maintenance team identify failing machines. Sinto Smart Foundry® transitions your foundry from a reactive to a proactive culture, allowing your team to see and address problems BEFORE a fault occurs for a significant reduction in unplanned downtime. By visualizing your system, predict when recurring maintenance will be required, and reduce the use for unnecessary spare parts.

Sinto Smart Foundry® products and services are helping foundries see a 15% downtime reduction.

1. Sinto Analytics – ePVS Product

  • Real-Time Data
  • Trending Data Automatic Reports & Notifications
  • Errors and Faults

2. Remote Monitoring Center Service

  • Foundry Experts As-a-Service
  • Watch Trending Data
  • Maintenance Recommendations
  • Spare Parts Order
  • Live 1 on 1 Data Reviews

3. Sinto Sensor Solution Product

  • Vibration Sensors
  • Automatic Notifications

Learn how Sinto Smart Foundry® can help Quality, Production and Planning.

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