Auto Pouring Systems: Econo-Pour

The Econo-Pour Automatic Metal Pouring Systems provide the highest quality casting production through the most accurate and safe pouring system in today’s market. The Econo-Pour is ideal for small to medium size ladles.

                                         FEATURES: Highly accurate pouring system for quality casting production by maintaining pouring based on each teach/playback control technology Consistent pouring, thus improving casting yields while reducing casting costs and scrap The FVN models pour at the center of the ladle’s nozzle tip with control of tilt and three linear axes; controlling the pouring flow direction, volume and weight The FVNX models features a consistent metal flow achieved by controlling two axes simultaneously; the ladle’s nozzle lip rotation and the unit rotation Accurate weight measuring components help eliminate over pouring and short pours Existing ladle configurations can often be utilized… Read more >