Largest Bottle Cap Mosaic Art in World

On November 3, 2019, Sintokogio created the largest bottle cap mosaic art in the world!

The total number of bottle caps used to make the mosaic art was 105,840.  The 70 panels were put together and the final size of the mosaic art completed was 1163 sq. ft. (39.37 ft. x 29.53 ft.), breaking the previous 754 sq. ft. record.

Commemorating Sintokogio’s 85th anniversary event, the challenge for this record was aimed to strengthen the bonds between approx. 4,000 employees of the Sinto Group.  A total of 1,600 employees and family members attended this event.  The mosaic art has been dismantled and all the bottle caps were donated to the Japan Committee of Vaccines for the World’s Children.

The message of the mosaic art is “Sinto employees and their families are advancing toward the bright future of Sinto Group.” The sun in the picture represents the bright future of Sinto Group (looking like the Sinto logo).  The road leading to the sun represents the red and gray band in the brand design “New Harmony >> New Solutions.”  The designer of the picture is Mr. Daichi Sugiyama, the head of Sintokogio’s labor union.   Sintokogio thanks everyone for their participation and support!