3DCeram Offers a Machine to Develop and to Scale-Up in Industrial Production with the C101 EASY

Feb. 2023

C101 Open

Ergonomic and accessible

For the first stage in ceramic 3D printing, 3DCeram offers a smaller machine; the C101 EASY in its LAB version to develop and prototype, or the FAB version to develop and produce small series of ceramic parts. The C101 EASY is the plug and play of ceramic 3D printing.

Easy to use, offering an optimized accessibility thanks to its design. Using, as all the machines from our range of printers, the stereolithography (Laser) technology, all the parameters are open to the customers to develop their own materials and recipes.


An optimized consumption of material, printing with the right amount of ceramic, 60 mL of ceramic is enough to start a print or 10 mL with the SAM (Small Amount of Material) option. Working with a cartridge, the machine has a build platform of 100 x 100 x 150 mm.
Easy to use and to launch a printing run, the machine is equipped with a feeding and recycling device allowing to easily recover the unpolymerised ceramic.

vue intérieure C101 EASY LAB

View of the inside – build platform and laser

The recycling cartridge is fixed on to this device and can be easily removed from its position. The cartridge can then be repositioned in the machine to start a new printing run.


Easily removable devices

The build platform has been designed to facilitate maintenance and cleaning in a few minutes so as not to lose time between 2 prints, 20 mins when using the same ceramic material and 40 mins if using another ceramic slurry.


The SAM system is an extrusion system that is installed on the C101 EASY LAB. The SAM allows the printing with a small amount of formulation to be deposited on the build platform, just the amount needed to print the part. The mix cartridge, with a volume of 55 mL, is directly installed on the blade. The SAM system goes with a small building platform of 60 x 60 x 50 mm. SAM allows the Customer to develop their own slurry and make quick and easy tests with it.

SAM image 1 SAM image 2


Our commitment to being a process supplier implies that we are able to offer high-performance printers that answer to market developments. It also means supplying ceramic formulations as well as all related services (training and maintenance).

To this end, 3DCeram has developed its distribution network all over the world, but above all has increased the skills of its historical distributors by training them to install the printers at the end customers’ workshops. Thus, 3DCeram has a dense and efficient network of distributors worldwide including India with Shree Rapid Technology!

The aim is to share 20 years of expertise and know-how with the customers using the machines, to which we have developed a range of training courses available to enable operators to get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

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