Century Foundry Reduces Cycle Time with BARINDER® Grinder

Muskegon Heights, Michigan April 7, 2021

In March 2021, Sinto America completed the installation of the X7i-CDH22R-455MR-C BARINDER® Grinder for Century Foundry, at their manufacturing facility in Muskegon Heights, Michigan.

Century Foundry, founded in 1976, is a third generation, family owned, aluminum-casting supplier. They currently have three manufacturing facilities consisting of a greensand foundry housing an automated molding line and two manual molding lines, a permanent mold foundry and a machine shop, and an airset/job shop with a core room. Century serves a diversified group of non-automotive customers throughout the US and abroad. Learn more about Century Foundry here.

Barinder Grinder, ready for production, at Century Foundry (Muskegon Heights, Michigan).

BARINDER® Grinder, ready for production, at Century Foundry (Muskegon Heights, Michigan)

With this project, Century was looking to achieve more consistency on the finishing end of the casting product.

When asked why they went with Sinto equipment, Shane LeRoux (VP of Operations, Century Foundry) stated, “Along with the consistency of this machine, we really enjoy how easy the machine is to use. We are also impressed with the BARINDER®  providing a life time of sound performance and quality products.”

On the first casting application that Century utilized the BARINDER® for, manually processing time was 10 minutes and 18 seconds on average. This included the belt grind and a bench operation for intricate details. Utilizing the BARINDER® , the cycle time on the same application, with minimal touch up was 1 minute and 8 seconds. This cuts the cycle time over 8 minutes, allowing for a shortened ROI for the BARINDER® .

X7i-CDH22R-455MR-C BARINDER® Grinder Features:

  • Automatic cutting machine for gate and parting line flash removal on small to medium size aluminum castings
  • Suitable for finishing inside and outside of complex castings
  • Quick change out of fixtures, programs & tools (less than 5 minutes)
  • Simple & easy programming and operation for maximum uptime
  • 2 or 4-position servo pallet changer
  • Rotating main chip saw with pivoting end mill tool
  • Long lasting tool saves operation costs and dust generation
  • High speed and efficient processing enables productivity and a high finishing quality
  • OPTIONS: Chip conveyor, mist lubricator for main cutting wheel, floor chute air blow off

Along with the BARINDER® Grinder, Century has Sinto’s FBO-III Flaskless Mold Machine. Sinto is thankful for Century’s confidence in the equipment, and is excited to see how the Barinder will continue to benefit their foundry in the years to come.

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