Coming Soon, the Smallest, Lightest Servo Cylinder in the Industry

Grand Ledge, MI – May 28, 2020

Sinto America is excited to announce the newest addition to its product line, the CYAP-CA Series. The smallest, lightest Servo Cylinders in the industry.

One of the biggest benefits of these Servo Cylinders is precision control. Sinto’s Servo Cylinders will allow for high-performance load and position control using Sinto’s SCUB servo controller. Easy operation can also be set with a simple program using commands dedicated to the press-fitting process!

“With over 10,000 units in operation throughout the world, Sinto America is excited to bring the world-class, cost-competitive Sinto Servo Cylinder to the North American market.” – Mike Fredbloom, Sales Director Roberts-Sinto/Sys-T-Mation.


  • Simple installation into customer’s equipment due to compact size and lighter weight.
  • Original load detection system is used to reduce the overall servo cylinder length
  • Ethernet IP or device net communication
  • Standard stroke length of 200 mm (Optional 100mm, 300mm, 400mm)
  • Pressure range from 10kN to 200 kN
  • Optional touch panel with graphs that can be displayed using the waveform display function
  • Optional data recording function: press-fit position and load data can be recorded on a personal computer or memory card, ensuring quality traceability

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