Introducing Rapid-Blast Abrasive for Blast Cleaning Applications

Grand Ledge, MI May 9

Frohn North America, a Sinto America Group Company, is excited to introduce Rapid-Blast, the latest technology to improve shot blasting efficiency and cut blast-cleaning costs. This new abrasive media will replace shot and/or grit blends, and have a lower consumption than steel shot or grit.

Rapid-Blast is a cast shot and cut-wire blend. Ratio recommended based on test results. Rapid Blast will reduce abrasive and improve blast-cleaning efficiency with shorter cycle times needed to clean the most difficult-to-clean parts.

Rapid-Blast will be available in sizes from S-550 to S-230.

As seen in the below chart, due to its low consumption rate, a 15% cut-wire & 85% cast ratio is all that is needed to maintain 30% cut-wire level in the operating mix inside the machine. This makes it affordable for any foundry, forging, or wire drawing operation to consider Rapid-Blast for their facility.

rapid blast chart

If today’s price of steel shot has you looking for alternatives, Rapid-Blast may be the perfect solution for your application. If you need more blasting done in less time, Rapid-Blast can help. Gain savings in energy, labor, maintenance, wear parts and freight. Get the benefits of cut wire shot without the expense.

Frohn North America is dedicated to providing new ideas and cost-effective solutions in an ever-changing business environment. Our focus is on quality and on-time delivery. Let Frohn help you improve your process and reduce your costs.

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