DD-3 Drum Blast

The DD-3 is a 3 cu. ft. drum blast machine specifically designed to process small parts found in multiple industries.

DD-3 Drum Blast Features: Unique design eliminates part jamming or part loss as all parts are contained in the drum during the blasting process and carefully dumped after the process to ensure no part loss 5 HP direct drive D-10 blast wheel Automatic AR500 dumping drum Pneumatic controlled vertical door 480 V  /60 Hz / 3 PH Pitless design VFD on drum PLC controlled Digital cycle timer

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CNDX Drum Blast

Sinto Surface Treatment’s CNDX is a small drum blast machine  capable of batch processing without mill jamming.  The CNDX Drum Blast Machine features 100% load/unload capabilities, highly efficient finishing due to oscillation during the blast cycle and a small machine footprint.… Read more >