New Blasting Abrasive: Rapid Blast™

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Sinto America is offering the latest technology to improve shot blasting efficiency and cut blast cleaning costs.


  • Cast shot and cut-wire blend in proprietary ratio
  • Designed to reduce abrasive consumption by as much as 40% and increase blast cleaning efficiency
  • Shorten cycle time by as much as 30%
  • Savings in energy, labor, maintenance, wear parts and freight

As Rapid Blast is used and consumed, the ratio of cut wire shot in the operating mix will increase. This increased ratio of cut wire abrasive will clean parts faster than a 100% cast operating mix.

If today’s prices of steel shot have you looking for alternatives, Rapid Blast™ may be the solution. If you need more blasting done in less time, Rapid Blast™ can help. Get the benefits of cut wire shot without the expense!

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